What a lot of people thought they heard on ‘Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’, and everywhere else on the album, is cloying cuteness. But it turns out you can say a lot of things— things like ‘go fuck yourself’ (‘3 Legs’), ‘everything is fucked’ (‘Too Many People’), and even ‘let’s go fuck, honey’ (‘Eat At Home)’— with a big, dimpled grin on your face.

Great review of the Ram reissue by Jayson Greene today. (via marathonpacks)

Yes, this is fantastic.

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I was trying not to blog that quote all day. 

Above all else, I’ve learned from the reissue of Ram (and its reviews) that it was loathed upon release. I had no idea about that— my first experience with Ram was hearing my parents playing it and falling in love with it despite my distate for Sir Paul. 

Also, I think people are missing an opportunity to talk about the fact that the Deluxe Edition of the Ram Reissue includes the Thrillington album, which basically is the reason I have a strong love of Paul McCartney.

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