It is sort of a rock and roll vampire type thing. It is going to involve a lot of real techno and industrial music. It will have a very Nine Inch Nails look and feel to it. The show is about these vampires who have been around for centuries — for eternity really — as musicians. They travel from country to country. They could be described as travelling musicians. They used to be gypsies thousands of years ago, they were a doo-wop band in the fifties, and now they are this techno/industrial type band. They use that disguise to travel from town to town on tour. Wade Welles gets wrapped up in their scene. It’s going to have a nice German expressionistic look to it — very industrial and very monochromatic. It’s going to be a lot like Fritz Lang movies such as Metropolis.
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  1. openapplev said: Every time I’ve thought about that vampire plotline over the years (too many), I’ve recalled it as a Buffy episode. I should’ve known.
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